August 6-14, 2021

August 11 & 12, 2022 - 6:00 p.m.

Applications Available May 2, 2022

Applications Due on August 8, 2022 at 10PM

Large Arena, Summit County Fairgrounds 


2021 Little Buckaroo & Horse Show



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Little Buckaroo Rodeo Sign Up


Mutton busting and calf riding has been kicking its way into fans' hearts with its spirited pint-sized version of rodeo. In this event children attempt to ride galloping sheep or calves in the ring and stay on for six seconds. These are no fluffy little lambs or cuddly calves either - the riders have to work to stay on!

Little Buckaroo Contestant Parking Map


  • Pricing:
    • $10.00 to Enter Rough Stock
    • $5.00 to Enter Timed Events/Mutton Busting
    • $1.00 Stick Horse Race (Pay Day of Event - ages 5 and Under)
    • $1.00 Chicken Chase (Pay Day of Event)
    • $1.00 Boot Hunt (Pay Day of Event) 
  • Ages
    • 6-8
    • 9-11
    • 12-14

Ages determined by January 1st of this year. (If you move up in an age group you will remain in that group the entire rodeo - MUST BE DETERMINED AT ONLINE REGISTRATION)


Wednesday, August 10th - 6:00 p.m.

  • Order of Events
    • Stick Horse (Sign up day of - ages 5 and under)
    • Mutton Busting
    • Sheep Milking (Sign up day of)
    • Calves 6-8
    • Chicken Chase 9 & Older (Sign up day of)
    • Calves 9 -11
    • Chicken Chase 8 & Under (Sign up day of)
    • Steers 12 -14
    • Boot Hunt 8 & Under (Sign up day of)
    • Bulls 12 -14
    • Boot Hunt 9 & Older (Sign up day of)
    • Ponies 9-11
    • Ponies 12 -14

Thursday, August 11th - 6:00 p.m.

  • Order of Events
    • Small Arena
      • Goat Tying 9-11
      • Goat Tying 12 -14
      • Keyhole 6-8
      • Keyhole 9-11
      • Keyhole 12-14
    • Large Arena
      • Breakaway Roping 12 -14
      • Breakaway Roping 9 – 11
      • Barrel Racing 12 -14
      • Barrel Racing 6 - 8
      • Barrel Racing 9 -11
      • Poles 6 -8
      • Poles 9 - 11
      • Poles 12 -14

Event Descriptions:

Calves, Steers, Bulls and Ponies

In this event youth attempt to ride bucking calves, steers, bulls and ponies in the ring and stay on for eight seconds

Calf and Sheep riding

In this event children attempt to ride galloping sheep or calves in the ring and stay on for six seconds

Stick Horse Race

A race for the youngest cowboys and cowgirls to share in the thrill of being a part of the Rodeo!  Each contestant will need to bring a Stick horse that they can keep and use to race around the barrel set up in the arena.

Sheep Milking Contest

In this event all young participants gather at the bucking chutes end of the arena and are given a Dixie Cup. On the count of three they race to see who can get sheep’s milk in their cup first.

Boot Hunt 

This event starts by youngster putting one of their cowboy boots into a box. The boots are then mixed up and taken to the other end of the arena. The children then run to the boot pile, whomever finds theirs first WINS! 

Barrel Race

Speed and time is what it is all about in this event. For the barrel racing event, the arena is cleared and three barrels are set up at different marked locations. The riders then enter the arena at full speed, quickly rounding each barrel in a cloverleaf pattern and then exiting where they entered.


The keyhole race is a timed event that requires speed, obedience and agility. The object is to run the pattern correctly as quickly as possible, without stepping outside of the keyhole shape marked on the ground.


Poles is a timed event. The object is to run the pattern correctly as quickly as possible, without knocking down any of the poles.

Goat Tying

The object is to race to the end of the rodeo arena to where a goat is staked out on a 10 feet rope, catch the goat, throw it to the ground and tie three of its feet together. 

Breakaway Roping

Breakaway Roping is a variation of calf roping where a calf is roped, but not thrown and tied. It is a rodeo event that features a calf and one mounted rider.